Indonesia and South Africa


The idea has been percolating for years…a carefree unplanned travel in a warm climate. Meeting new people, understanding different cultures, finding ‘hidden gems’ in each location, taking spontaneous side trips, tasting weird food, having scary moments and experiencing delicious adventures – all to feel inspired.


Planning is a process. Researching where to go, what to avoid, who knows who etc. Reading books, googling locations, scouring the web, sticky notes everywhere, and dots on maps. Trip Advisor forums are incredible, a wealth of information by locals. Amazing tips that are not in guide books, thank you to those who add to these forums.

Packing my house has prompted me to clean like a dervish and fix all the fixit items staring at me for years. It’s starting to feel like I might actually get packed before I leave in 2.5 weeks.


Rather than try to see the “whole world”, I will focus on two new countries – Indonesia and South Africa. I have tried really hard not to plan every move; for a planner, this is a challenge. Take a look at my itinerary, you’ll see my issues with non-planning! Honestly, I only have 3 nights of lodging booked in Indonesia and 9 confirmed for South Africa, so I’m feeling pretty autonomous and free.

The big question from everyone, how will we know where you are? Well, here is my blog, instagram and itinerary.  I do hope you will enjoy the iphone pics. Wrestling with the idea of buying and taking care of a decent camera, will I regret using an iphone? Maybe.


Truthfully, I can’t wait to hit the road. The mix of excitement and nerves makes me feel alive and ready for a global experience. The pre-trip happiness is evident, hopefully the post-trip afterglow will last even longer.

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  1. Best of luck, Christine. Don’t be nervous. Things to think about: When are their national holidays, harvest holidays, days to avoid travel. Are there bus/train passes that can make things cheaper. How will you deal with mosquitos (there’s a great app to dispel them, downloadable too your phone). These countries are moving into Summertime, clothes to pack, etc. If you delve into these concerns, your nerves will settle. Any previous bloggers that might smooth the way. Enjoy yourself.

    1. So true, realize now that I arrive in Bali the same week as “Australian Spring Break”!! My iPhone can protect me from Malaria, who would have thought.

  2. So happy you are doing this blog so that we can live this with you. Great first post and I am behind you sister!!!

  3. Traveling and adventure is in your core. After too many years of being penned up, you are going back to your roots. I’m completely inspired by you and know that each day will fill you soul. You go girl. Stay in touch so we know you are safe. XO, Pam

  4. well if there is any one that can do this you can. Its in your blood!!
    Looking forward to following your trip and meeting you at the end. Best of luck x

  5. So happy for you Christine! What an exciting adventure you have ahead of you. Enjoy every moment, embrace the freedom and relish in the inspiration!

    I so look forward to following your journey and you never know… maybe our paths will cross! Shine on sister!

    Safe travels

    ps. – I will be emailing you some Bali info in the next few days.

  6. You know I am so excited for you, proud of you for “making the leap” and can’t wait to hear all about it both along the way and at the end. I know this has been a long time coming (how many years have we both been fantasizing about doing this?), and I couldn’t be more excited for you, nor could I imagine a better time to make the leap. Allow yourself the freedom to live in every moment. That is my wish for you my dear sweet friend. Know that your whole life has prepared you for this moment!!! Fly sister… I love you and send you all the love and blessings on your adventure… EAT LOVE PRAY girlfriend!!!!

  7. What a grand adventure. You have a spark that will attract wonderful energy from others. I love that we will have a window to see how your journey unfolds.

    Enjoy. From beginning to the finish of this worldly leg.

    (Need a place for Doc?)

    Love, TJ

  8. Hi Christine,
    Great start to your blog and what an amazing trip you’ve got planned and will have. Hope to see you in Bali, Gill xx

  9. Wow, great first post. I’d get the camera. IPhone might be good for holiday snaps, this is going to be an experience of a lifetime and there will be wonderful experience to capture.

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