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Christine BerwynWelcome! As an avid traveler, proud mother and tourism advocate, I have enjoyed the thrill of many world trips.  I absolutely love the inspiration of travel. Whether meeting new people and cultures, trying local foods, hiking hills or mountains and generally expanding my view of the world, it is always a great adventure.

Growing up in Ireland, travel became an important part of my personality. I have lived in Ireland, France, the Caribbean and finally North America. My home base is colorful Colorado. Living in the heart of the skiing, hiking and biking, I love our state.

Many of my travels are alone. Sometimes friends or family meet me along the way and other times, I make friends along the way!

I love to inspire would-be travelers to research and book that trip they have been dreaming about. It is hard to pull ourselves away from the day-to-day life, but the rewards are amazing no matter how long the excursion.

I look forward to sharing inspiring travel notes with you.


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